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Teaching practice

The violin practice offers a regular lesson program for the starting & advanced violinist of all ages and customized lessons for adults.

Ensemble lessons are available by appointment.

Coaching practice

Coaching is about freedom in playing music. Body awareness while playing brings physical and mental relaxation with a beautiful sound quality.

The Coaching practice is accessible to every instrumentalist.


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Esther den Boer

Esther has a lot of experience in the field of physical activity and mental well-being. She has been able to combine her medical and violin technical qualifications in her violin practice in a unique way.


Location Rotterdam
Wollefoppenweg 139
2761 DN Zevenhuizen

Location Zoetermeer
CKC, Leidsewallen 80
2722 PC Zoetermeer

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Tel: 0648882181
KvK: 82654050